Pantera Honors The Life, Influence & Generosity of Vinnie Paul In Official Statement

June 29, 2018

If there was anybody that knew how to live life to the fullest, it was Pantera drummer and co-founder, Vinnie Paul.

In an official statement released on the band's official Facebook page, the life of Vincent Paul Abbott is summarized as a "power-groove pioneer with much reverence, respect & love."

If it wasn't Vinnie Paul's unmatchable talent as one of the greatest drummers in rock, it was his kind and thoughtful demeanor that made him such a joy for anyone to be around. "Vinnie’s remarkable drumming talent is well known; what is maybe less well known is this: behind his larger-than-life onstage presence and muscular (he hit those freaking skins hard) yet musical drumming was a kind, gentle, generous, and funny guy with an infectious smile and a heart the size of Texas. Vinnie’s kindness and generosity helped make a difference for many. Since he was as humble as he was thoughtful, though, he never made a big deal aboutsuch amazing acts…to him, helping others was just “the right thing to do.”

Because his generosity knew no bounds, he never gravitated to one specific charity. In the band's statement, they encourage their fans and friends to honor Vinnie Paul by donating to their favorite charity in his name.

Read the band's full statement below