Ozzy Osbourne Meets The Fast Food-Themed Black Sabbath Tribute Band, Mac Sabbath

December 12, 2018

For over 50 years, Ozzy Osbourne has had such a profound influence on music and culture that he has inspired multiple generations of bands that we know and love today. Just like how the New England Patriots always enter the field to the tune of "Crazy Train," Ozzy's influence can be seen and heard everywhere.

In an unreleased clip of Ozzy & Jack's World Detour, Ozzy's son Jack Osbourne introduces his father to one of the most interesting tribute bands inspired by Ozzy's music. Meet the fast food-themed Black Sabbath tribute parody band, Mac Sabbath. Fronted by Ronald Osbourne, he is joined by Slayer McCheese on guitar, Grimalice (aka "I Can't Believe It's Not Butler!") on bass, and Catburgler (aka "Peter Criss Cuts Fries") on drums. 

Hailing from Birminghamburger, Ronald Osbourne says that like how Ozzy used Black Sabbath to warn people about evil, Mac Sabbath is about warning people about the dangers of fast food. The band utilizes fast-food-themed lyrics, a live grill, and Ronald even eats a fried bat burger onstage!