Ozzy Osbourne Isn't Sure How He's Still Alive

December 1, 2017

Despite Ozzy Osbourne's wild and crazy history of indulging in drugs, alcohol, sex, and many other vices, the man has defied the odds and is still alive and kicking at the age of 69 years old. While many people are amazed by Ozzy's mortality, nobody is more surprised by this than the Ozz-man himself!

While appearing on Nikki Sixx's show Sixx Sense, guitarist Zakk Wylde tells a story of when Ozzy once sat down with him after going completely sober, yet is still blown away by the fact that he isn't dead.

"Me and Oz where just sitting there, and Oz goes, (in his best Ozzy Osbourne impression) 'Zakk.' I go 'What's up Oz?' 'Look at me. I don't drink. I don't do drugs. I quit smoking. I never thought I'd do that. I don't even drink coffee anymore.' And I go, 'Huh.' He goes, 'Zakk, why am I alive?'"

Ozzy echoes Zakk's story, emphasizing the level of excess he would take drugs and alcohol. "I could sit here and go, 'Oh, a glass of wine would be good.' Next minute I'm waking up somewhere where I didn't intend to be in a bad state, because I couldn't stop!"

Ozzy and Zakk also discussed the real reasons why Zakk was booted from the band, being on reality television, the huge budgets for music videos, Ozzy's obsession with The Beatles, and much more!