Ozzy Osbourne Had To Be Treated For Three Deadly Staph Infections In His Hand

October 22, 2018

From time to time a band will have to cancel a show. But when Ozzy Osbourne had to cancel four shows due to his injured hand, he knew it would be because of something serious.

While speaking with Rolling Stone, Osbourne described his thumb had swollen to the size of a light bulb by the time he sought treatment. After his wife and manager Sharon Osbourne had him checked into the emergency room, they discovered that his hand didn't have one, but three individual (and potentially deadly) staph infections in his hand, with one spreading into his middle finger.

A staph infection is when ordinary germs that land on human skin find a way into the bloodstream. So after understanding the seriousness of his situation, Ozzy underwent surgery on all three staph infections in his hand.

While Ozzy is at home post-surgery, he says the hardest part about the recovery process is how he can't do anything around the house, including wiping his nether regions, because he is right-handed.

Ozzy has since announced the rescheduled dates for the last four concerts of his tour for 2019:

07/20 - Las Vegas, NV at the MGM Grand Garden Arena
07/23 - Chula Vista, CA at the Mattress Firm Amphitheatre
07/27 - Mountain View, CA at the Shoreline Amphitheatre
07/29 - Los Angeles, CA at the Hollywood Bowl