Ozzy Filled A Pool With Giant Ice Blocks To Fight Off The Heatwave

July 20, 2018

We all have our ways of staying cool during the summer: swimming, cold drinks, air conditioning. But for Ozzy Osbourne, he's got a much different plan.

During an episode of The Talk, Sharon Osbourne revealed how Ozzy had a "brilliant idea" of cooling down during the heatwave in Los Angeles by ordering giant blocks of ice and throwing them into their family pool. "When Ozzy went into the pool, there was no heater on, [but> it was boiling hot, and it was boiling hot outside," said Sharon. "He goes, 'I can't take this, I need it to be cold.' So he came up with this idea of putting the ice in..."

And what did that do?

"It did nothing!" exclaimed Sharon. "Three degrees lower and Ozzy goes, 'All right, we just gotta get more,' and I'm like, 'No, it doesn't work!'"

Of course Sharon had to step in and prevent Ozzy from ordering any more ice. "I wouldn't let him! These poor guys bringing this ice!"