Ozzy Osbourne Baffles All By Living To Be 70 Years Old

Celebrate with these 10 Wild & Crazy Ozzy Moments!

December 3, 2018

Ozzy Osbourne is a rock n' roll force of nature if there ever was one. He helped kick off the heavy metal movement with his band Black Sabbath. He has indulged in nearly every vice known to man. He has one of the most successful solo careers of any artist. He had a hit television show on MTV. And yet somehow after decades of living a life only Ozzy could, the Prince of Darkness is still standing and still rocking to this day at the age of 70-years-old.

We know that there are far more than 10 wild and crazy moments that have happened in Ozzy's life, but we wanted to share some of our favorites below. They'll make you laugh. They'll make you cry. They'll even make you hit the replay button because you're not sure what Ozzy just said. Enjoy!

10. That time he freaked out the interviewer on Night Flight with his affinity for bat heads 

9. That time he got attacked by a chimpanzee

8. That time he didn't know who Justin Bieber was

7. That time he made fun of Jersey Shore

6. That time a fan knew more about him than he did

5. That time he texted Robert Plant to help him find his missing cat

4. That time he and Lemmy Kilmister became best friends after a drunk night at a club

3, That time he couldn't figure out the remote control

2. That time he and Zakk Wylde did an interview on a plane while stoned

1. That time he described the rock n' roll lifestyle over breakfast