Over 60 Fans Reportedly Ejected From A Perfect Circle Concert For Taking Photos

November 7, 2017

A Perfect Circle has a very strict "no photos & videos" policy at their live shows and they take it very seriously. Before the show even begins, the band displays their ground rules for taking photos and videos on smartphones. 

"No photos or videos! Including photos and videos taken with cell phones. This includes all photo applications for call phones. It will result in ejection."

Maynard James Keenan applies the same policy to his shows with Tool and Puscifer, and if some fans think they can get away with it because there are thousands of people around them, they better think again. Because at A Perfect Circle's recent show at the Santander Arena in Reading, PA, over sixty people in attendance were reportedly removed.

According to the venue's general manager David Farrar, he confirmed and reinforced the band's photo/video ban on Instagram saying, "We tossed over 60 people last night for taking pics." He later addedm "This was 110% the band's policy and has been for TOOL, APC and Puscifer. It's not a new policy."

A Perfect Circle.

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