Talinda Bennington Speaks On The Anniversary On Her Husband's Suicide

July 20, 2018

It has already been a year, but July 20th will always be a day of heartache for the widow of Chester Bennington, Talinda. "That day is so seared in my mind," Talinda told FOX 11 Los Angeles

A year following her husband's suicide, Talinda has made strides in coping with Chester's death not only for herself, but for the six children Chester left behind. When asked how she tells their children why their father died, Talinda says, "Daddy died because his brain was sick."

Talinda has also joined up with ChangeDirection.org, which helps with treatment and counseling of individuals dealing with severe mental health issues. The organization has also received support from former First Lady Michelle Obama and Prince Harry. Talinda has also started her #320ChangesDirection campaign, named after Chester's birthday (March 20th) to encourage others to seek counseling.

Talinda's message is for society to view mental illness as no different than any sort of physicall illness. "If you don't take care of your mental health you will get sick, and that can cause you to do irrational things."

Watch the full interview here.