Nirvana Shares Remastered Rehearsal Footage from Their 'MTV Unplugged' Performance

November 6, 2019

In 1993, Nirvana delivered one of the most memorable performances on MTV Unplugged. The following year, it was released as a live album only months after the death of frontman Kurt Cobain.

In celebration of the album's 25th anniversary, behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage leading up to the special has been remastered and shared to the band's YouTube channel.

According to members of the band and staff, the days leading up to the show wasn't without its fair share of obstacles. The band was not happy with how Grohl's drumming sounded for an acoustic performance following two days of rehearsals. Because he was such a powerful drummer, if he could not dial it down enough, they would consider having him sit it out. However, they replaced Grohl's drumsticks with wire brushes and sizzle sticks, which took care of their percussion problem.

Cobain was also seen as very nervous about everything before the taping. Staffers recall him never joking around or smiling at all leading up to the performance, which also made the people around him nervous about it as well. He had even asked that the set to be filled with stargazer lillies and candles to resemble a funeral.