Nikki Sixx Slams KISS For Stealing Motley Crue's Stage Production

February 19, 2019

Through 2014 and 2015, Motley Crue's farewell tour was one of the biggest going-away parties on the planet. According to bassist Nikki Sixx, some of that excitement feels watered down now that KISS has taken many of the production elements of Crue's tour, and implemented them into their "The End of the Road" tour.

KISS has been closing out their concerts by playing "Rock and Roll All Nite" with giant balloons descending upon the crowd, confetti rains everywhere, and then the lighting targets a platform attached to a mechanical arm that floats over the audience. Interestingly enough, this is exactly how Motley Crue ended their shows with "Kickstart My Heart" before returning for an encore of "Home Sweet Home."

Sixx said of the similarities, "Wow. Our body wasn’t even cold before they took this exact grande finale from our tour. Might not matter to Kiss fans but it does to Crue fans. I dug their music when I was a little kid and it was cool to Co-Headline together a few years but this disappoints me."

This comes on the heels of Sixx's recent comments alleging that KISS has been using pre-recorded vocal tracks, which is a practice that Gene Simmons has been vehemently against. "Certain band out on the road right now putting other bands DOWN and saying that they are a REAL rock band, no background singers,and other old people cranky comments except his lead vocals are on tape. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks."