New Television Show Seeks To "Rescue" Unsigned Bands

June 5, 2018

Trying to "make it" as a musician is no easy task. Getting signed to a record label alone is a feat in itself. Now an upcoming television show hopes to give struggling bands a chance of making it big.

Titled Musician Rescue, unknown artitsts from around the world will have the opportunities to meet Grammy award-winning producers, create top-notch music videos, perform at sold-out concerts, have a huge amount of exposure, and best of all, receive priceless advice from Outerloop Records president Shan Dan Horan.

“I’ve been very fortunate working for so many excellent record labels, and I’ve always felt truly honored to work for some of the biggest artists out there,” Horan says in the trailer. “However for me, I always enjoyed working with unsigned bands. They always had this raw talent and honestly just needed a foot in the door.”

No network or release date for Musician Rescue has been announced yet, because they are currently accepting artists to be featured on their first season. If you're a musician looking to go under Horan's wing, you can send in your submission here!

Check out the trailer for Musician Rescue below!