Neal Schon Shuts Down Rumors Of Journey Reuniting with Steve Perry

August 16, 2018

Former Journey vocalist Steve Perry has been inactive from releasing new music since the '90s. Now that he has returned with his first new song in 20 years "No Erasin'," lots of people are excited, including his former bandmates.

Ever since the band made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017, guitarist Neal Schon has been very open and vocal in his praises for Perry in interviews, social media and at live shows.

When Perry dropped a five-second teaser for "No Erasin'" on Twitter, Schon was proud for his bandmate, adding that the two of them could catch up again and "hopefully we can have the coffee."

Former MTV VJ Martha Quinn added, "I think it's a beautiful thing to rediscover good vibes with an old friend." To which Schon responded, "Absolutely and I believe it all started heading in the right direction prior the HOF induction. I know we both sensed the sincerity of mutual love and respect for one another. It was more than evident."

But in came that question that Schon is probably tired of hearing, which is if Journey will ever reunite and tour with Perry again. “Give it a rest plz," said Schon. "He has no aspersions [sic> of going back. Forward is what it’s about. We are selling out stadiums right now.”