Nikki Sixx Remembers Experiencing Winter In Boston For The First Time

March 26, 2019

New England is famous for having the wild and unpredictable weather. The summers are super-hot. The winters are frigid cold. And if you're lucky, you can experience all four seasons in one week!

Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe recalled the first time he experienced how Bostonians deal with the hash winters as being both beautiful and intense at the same time during their 1987 Girls Girls GIrls tour. "I just remember it was the dead of winter and it was so cold, and there was so much snow. And we don't get to experience that in L.A."

"And I remember I had a day off, and I had this beautiful view overlooking these gardens and it was all snowed in, and it must have been durin the football season 'cause we were hanging out in the hotel in Boston. We had a couple sold-out shows there and we were watching football, and I just always remember that every time I go to Boston."