Mistress Carrie Interviews Jonny & Daniel of Nothing More

March 13, 2019

Nothing More is one of the hottest rock bands out there with one of the most unique and high-energy shows around. That's why we were so excited to have Jonny Hawkins (vocals) and Daniel Oliver (bass) come in the WAAF studio and hang out with Mistress Carrie.

While here, we learned of Jonny's transformation from being Nothing More's drummer to being the lead singer involved two things: his shower, and lots of tequila and Mexico.

Jonny first described his experience hitting his first note when it was entirely by accident during a regular singing-in-the-shower day, "I just hit a note one day in the shower, or I'm driving in my car - and there was just kind of like a 'Ooh' like I just kind of unlocked this kind of door where it came out of me." Jonny adds, "'I think that sounded good,' you know? I hadn't heard that come out of my mouth before. I was just getting real into the music."

The other part was when he actually had to sing onstage after having some issues with their band's fifth singer. "We decided we wanted to part ways with him. And after a bunch of tequila I got some liquid courage, I came back to my hotel room and told Mark I wanted to sing, and Mark said that he knew all along that's what I wanted to do. I just think I was too embarassed."

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Jonny and Daniel later talked about what it was like getting their tour bus and how they were able to cure the boredom after getting stranded in Witchita, KS for 40 hours!

And because Mistress Carrie is running the 2019 Boston Marathon, she consulted the ab-tastic Jonny and marathon maestro Daniel for some advice on her run. That of course can be summed up in three terms: vasoline, bloody nipples, and pooping in public.

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Another educational and informative visit with Jonny and Daniel of Nothing More!