Mistress Carrie Interviews Ice Nine Kills Frontman and Boston Local, Spencer Charnas

March 22, 2019

Massachusetts has been home to some of the biggest names in rock like Aerosmith, the Dropkick Murphys, the Cars, and the Pixies just to name a few. So it was even more special when North Shore native and frontman of Ice Nine Kills, Spencer Charnas, stopped by to hang out at the studio.

Ice Nine Kills started when Spencer was just a teenager at Swampscott High School listening to WAAF while going to see Korn on their Family Values tour at the DCU Center in Worcester. Next thing he knows he's playing on the Warped Tour, including the final one in 2018. "I remember going to the Warped Tour at Suffolk Downs when I was in high school, and always dreaming about getting up on the stage and actually being a part of it," Spencer says. "So to be playing the last one in sort of that iconic world that is Warped Tour and representing Boston for the Vans Warped Tour was a great experience."

What interesting about the story of Ice Nine Kills is that they had reached enough momentum that Spencer ended up quitting Suffolk University. "I went there for about a year-and-a-half and the band needed to tour," says Charnas. So how did his parents react to that decision? "My parents always were very supportive of the band and, my mom would be the one letting us practice in the basement and make us chocolate chip cookies while we were rehearsing."

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We also got to talk about Spencer's love for horror movies and how they play a major influence in the band's music like in their album The Silver Scream, where each song is inspired by a different film. "Starting out writing the album I had a big master list of like, fifty to a hundred films that were my favorite and, sort of widdled it down from there."

The song we played, "A Grave Mistake" was inspired by the 1994 film, The Crow, for not just being a cult classic, but for also sporting one of the best movie soundtracks ever. "It's absolutely fantastic. I remember Nine Inch Nails was even on it, and it just really represent that time in rock so well."

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