Metallica's Lars Ulrich Told Noel Gallagher He Was Either "Incredibly Brave Or Incredibly F**king Stupid" For Leaving Oasis

April 10, 2018

The breakup of Oasis didn't just crush the hearts of their fans, many of their colleagues were also concerned on the Gallagher brothers' futures.

While sitting down with Lars Ulrich of Metallica on his It's Electric! podcast, Noel Gallagher joked about a message he received following the end of Oasis. 

“I remember, the day after I left Oasis I got a text from the drummer of Metallica, and he said to me, words to the effect of, ‘you’re either incredibly brave or incredibly fucking stupid!’" In response, he optimistically texted Ulrich back saying, "I think it's gonna be alright."

Although he and his brother Noel Gallagher have taken jabs and swings at each other through the press for many years following the band's breakup, the siblings appear to be on good terms these days. "I'm really happy about what we did in the past. I'm really f**kin' happy where I am now."

Aside from moving on from the chaos of the past, Gallagher and Ulrich were able to discuss their shared love and appreciation for U2. "I've been a fan since their second album," says Gallagher. "They are by far, in a way, my favorite live band ever!"

Gallagher also shared some of the lessons he has learned from watching U2 over the years and how he has applied them to his own life and career. "The pride that they have in doing it, and they don't take it for granted," says Gallagher. "They don't just turn up and go for the numbers, 'see you later.' They never give up on an idea. I've been in the studio with them and they'll chase a f**kin' idea around for weeks!"