Metallica's James Hetfield Voices A Heavy Metal Werewolf In "Skylanders" Video Game

January 22, 2018

James Hetfield's deep, charming, gutteral voice is suited for three things: music, radio, and video games.

 Check the first two off as he's been doing both for decades. But the third is a fairly new outlet for Hetfield as he has confirmed to return voicing the role of "Wolfgang", the heavy metal werewolf villain in the Activision video game Skylanders. Other famous celebrities lending their voices to the video game include Justin LongSusan Sarandon, Norm Macdonald, Bobcat Goldthwait and Ashley Tisdale.

He recently posted photos to Metallica's Instagram page of him providing voice work for the character, as well as a peek at the script which included lines like "If that happens, it'll send us to our doom! And sending people to their doom is our job!"

James hard at work voicing the Skylanders character of Wolfgang! #Skylanders #PapaHet #Wolfgang @skylandersthegame

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Meet Hetfield's character "Wolfgang" in the video below!