Metallica Unveils Their Own "Blackened" American Whiskey

August 29, 2018

The merch booth at any Metallica concert is always packed with hundreds of people. But the band has announced a new product that seems a little overdue, and that's their own "Blackened" American Whiskey.

After joining with expert distiller, Dave Pickerell, Metallica's "Blackened" will be available in select liquor stores, restaurants and bars across the country, as well as online at and

And if you guessed correctly, the soundwave pattern sporting the bottle's label is indeed the same soundwave from "Blackened" off of ...And Justice For All. Each batch of 5,000 bottles will also come with its own playlist available at, Spotify and Apple Music.   

It comes alive! -- #blackenedwhiskey @blackenedamericanwhiskey

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Some may see this venture as an easy cash-grab. But the guys of Metallica beg to differ.

In a statement released by the band, "We are obviously not just slapping a Metallica label on a pre-existing mediocre whiskey, but have been working on this for the last several years and overseeing every detail from the first idea to your first taste with careful precision. The ultimate goal is to make a whiskey that fits into the Metallica experience and sets itself apart from all the others."