Greta Van Fleet Can't Agree On Which Member Is The Most Stubborn

October 22, 2018

There are plenty of bands where many of its members have turned it into a family affair (Allman Brothers Band, Black Crowes, Van Halen), and three-quarters of Greta Van Fleet are no different. But just like many other siblings, there can be lots of infighting and disagreements.

So when the members of Greta Van Fleet sat down with Billboard to see how well they know each other, one question that seemed to irk them the most was "Who is the most stubborn?" "It's blatantly obvious to me. I can see how everyone else is having issues with this one," says guitarist Jake Kizska. "I would say you guys (Jake and Josh Kizska) are on a regular basis, the most stubborn. But when I'm stubborn, I'm more stubborn," adds bassist Sam Kizska. "I don't know, I've seen you do some ruthless things to people," says vocalist Josh Kizska. "Let's just say we would have an easier answer if it was 'least stubborn,'" adds drummer Danny Wagner.

Watch all of their answers to How Well Do You Know Your Bandmates? below!