Members of Alter Bridge Once Hosted an Epic Beer Pong Tournament

October 8, 2019

Sometimes there's a recurring cycle of career changes between musicians, actors and athletes. Musicians want to be actors, actors want to be athletes, and athletes want to be musicians. But for the guys in Alter Bridge, the only extracurricular activity that truly matters to them is beer pong.

During their interview with Mistress Carrie backstage at the Worcester Palladium, guitarist Mark Tremonti and drummer Scott "Flip" Phillips revealed how the drummer once threw an epic beer pong tournament complete with a crude opening video.

"There was about 50 teams, everybody had to have specialized shirts," says Tremonti. "Huge event, and the intro of the show was him [Flip] and his brother made where his brother dresses up his balls in different characters."

"It was an '80s themed party and my brother has this talent," adds Flip. "I don't know how he discovered it, and I know it's not genetic because I can't do it. I tried. But he can make each one of his... nuts bounce up and down to music."

So what does one decide to do with such a unique ability? "We made a couple of goofy videos where he was dressed up as Maverick from Top Gun and ET, and Mr. T, Dirty Dancing at the end with the lift with a Ken doll," says Flip. "And that's the intro video for this awesome beer pong tournament for about 100, 150 people," adds Tremonti. "And me and John Connolly (Sevendust) partnered up and won. Took the trophy home that year. And we're still the champions because he hasn't had another tournament since."

Check out Mistress Carrie's full interview with Mark Tremonti and Scott "Flip" Phillips in the video above or in the podcast below!