Meet Melissa Cross, The Vocal Coach Behind The Biggest Bands In The World

March 25, 2019

Ever wonder how rock and metal vocalists like David Draiman of Disturbed or Corey Taylor of Slipknot/Stone Sour and go up onstage every night, sing their guts out, and then do it again the next day with no problems at all? Meet Melissa Cross, aka the "Queen of Scream."

Melissa Cross is a classically trained singer and actress who has trained some of the biggest names in rock and metal how to sing, yell, shout and scream without hurting themselves. "There's a risk to using your voice on a daily basis in an unhealthy way," says Cross. "The vocal folds (aka 'vocal chords'), they get scarred because the fold isn't closing. It isn't phonating."

Melissa has worked with bands like Slayer, Trivium, Halestorm, Lamb Of God, and Breaking Benjamin, and she loves working with artists of this genre because she believes it represents more than just great music. "I love the sincerity of the music. It's so non-tainted by media, and crap, and money, and it's just so real. It's straight from the heart."

Melissa Cross offers a variety of instructional products called "The Zen of Screaming" which teaches singers of all experience levels about proper vocal exercises, as well as personal one-on-one evaluations.