Meet Five Finger Death Punch's New Drummer, Charlie Engen (aka "The Engine")

June 5, 2019

In December 2018, drummer Jeremy Spencer announced that we would be leaving Five Finger Death Punch due to issues from ongoing back problems. And with a new album and tour on the horizon, the band would have to find a drummer that could keep up with Jeremy's power and skill. Thankfully, Spencer knew just the guy.

It turns out that Spencer knew of Charlie Engen (aka "The Engine") of Scale The Summit through Instagram. "We had just been drum buddies for a while, talking drums and classic stuff, so we had developed a relationship that way," says Engen.

"I immediately started looking at his videos online and I was like, 'Holy f**k'," adds guitarist Jason Hook. "This guy's a beast."

Check out more of Engen's story in the behind-the-scenes clip of 5FDP's new album below:

2019 Recording Sessions of #5FDP8 - Day 7 ✊-- A lot of you asked about Professor Charlie “The Engine” - Where we found him etc. So here’s the quick version of the story ✊-- Also - if you have more questions you can keep posting them below ------ We’ll keep answering some of these in the upcoming daily videos ----

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