Mark Tremonti Says 'Everything's Been Done' on the Guitar

October 9, 2019

Pete Townshend of The Who began making headlines when he stated that the possibilities for the guitar in modern rock have been nearly 'exhausted' and that the instrument's possibilities have peaked. So when Mistress Carrie sat down with Mark Tremonti and Scott "Flip" Phillips of Alter Bridge before their show at the Worcester Palladium, she had to get the guitar virtuoso's take on Townshend's comments.

"It's probably been said a lot of times," says Tremonti. "There's not a lot of notes on the guitar. There's tons of combinations, but everything's been done. That's why I like to use alternate tunings and do as many different things as we can to keep it interesting."

While out on tour, Tremonti has also been offering guitar lessons and songwriting clinics to fans and musicians of all skill levels. "I like it, It keeps me busy all day long," says Tremonti. "I don't like just sitting around playing on my phone, I like to get stuff done and play guitar. It keeps me on my game." When the idea was pitched to him by his manager, Tremonti  was skeptical about trying to teach someone how to capture lightning in a bottle in a song. But he later discovered that he enjoyed holding the workshops after all. "I just try and write stuff with people in a room, it's fun."

Check out Mistress Carrie's full interview with Mark and Flip in the video above or in the podcast below.