The Man That Stopped That Viral Mass Pike Road-Rage Incident Was an Army Veteran

February 4, 2019

By now you've seen the viral footage a gray-haired man clenched to the hood of a white SUV speeding down the mass pike. All over a minor fender-bender.

(Insert Boston drivers joke)

But it turns out that the hero that helped bring this wild story to an end is 49-year-old army veteran and WAAF listener, Frank Hernandez!

Hernandez is a father of three who works at a Toyota Dearlership in Watertown, MA on his way back from work. As he puts it, he's just a normal guy that works on cars and likes taking his kids out to play baseball. A real stand-up guy that even addresses women as "ma'am."

But after driving alongside the road-ragers, Hernandez brought the entire incident to a grinding halt after informing the driver that he had a gun and a license to carry. By pointing his weapon at the driver, the white SUV stopped, allowing the gray-haired man to remove himself from the hood. Hernandez credits his military training for allowing him to stay calm and to take control of the situation.

Both the driver of the SUV and the man on the hood were arrested by state troopers on-scene.