Listen to Miley Cyrus Cover Nine Inch Nails In 'Black Mirror'

June 5, 2019

Black Mirror is known for being loaded of plot twists and dark turns with an emphasis on how technology shapes our society. So it's almost appropriate that industrial rockers Nine Inch Nails be involved somehow.

In the new epsiode "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too", we meet Rachel, who owns a robotic doll named Ashley Too, which is modeled after pop singer Ashley O (played by Miley Cyrus). In the episode, Ashley O sings a cover of Nine Inch Nails' hit song "Head Like A Hole" with a few alterations to the lyrics as permitted by frontman Trent Reznor.

Instead of the original chorus which goes, "head like a hole, black as your soul, I'd rather die than give you control", the song gets a more poppy and motivational twist by going, "head like a hole, I'm on a roll, riding so high, achievin my goals!"

Nine Inch Nails even released a t-shirt commemorating the Black Mirror episode.

Listen to Cyrus's cover of "Head Like A Hole" below: