New Mashup Finally Shows The Difference Between Led Zeppelin & Greta Van Fleet

October 15, 2018

DJ Cummerbund, the mashup master himself has returned with another masterpiece. This time it's with '70s rock juggernaunts Led Zeppelin, and the new kids on the block, Greta Van Fleet. If you had trouble telling both of these bands apart now, it's time to put your ears to the test once and for all!

"I was tired of people saying Greta Van Fleet sounds like Led Zeppelin," says Cummerbund. "So I created the supergroup 'Ledda Van Fleppelin' to prove that they don't sound anything alike."

Also featured in the mashup includes Australian rock outfit Wolfmother, Clown Vomit, and the ever-iconic Macho Man Randy Savage! So take in DJ Cummerbund's latest creation and finally see the difference between the two artists!