Lars Ulrich Doesn't Concern Himself With "Ability" When It Comes To His Drumming Style

February 21, 2018

After being the latest recipents of the Polar Music Prize, which recognizes international excellence in music (aka the musical version of the Nobel Prize), Metallica's Lars Ulrich sat down with members of the organization to talk about his musical upbringing in Denmark, to not being perfect in his own unique drumming ability.

"I've never been very interested in ability," Ulrich says in the interview. "'Oh, wow! This guy is so great!' Yeah, he's so great, but it doesn't mean that he can make it swing, or it doesn't mean that he can make it work within a group or a collective."

"As much as I grew up on people like Ian Paice from Deep Purple, who obviously has a lot of ability, I also love people like Phil Rudd and Charlie Watts, who certainly ability, but, I think, to a lot of purists, maybe not so much, because they're not as technical," Lars said. "But they have a different kind of ability that, to me, is as valuable and as precious and as important in that they make it swing, they make it move, it gives it that physicality that it needs."

Watch the full interview below!