Kurt Cobain Wasn't Too Fond About White People Rapping

November 27, 2018

In a previously unheard interview with Kurt Cobain, the Nirvana frontman shares his thoughts on white people entering the hip-hop world.

"I’m a fan of rap music, but most of it is so misogynist that I can’t even deal with it," Cobain says in the interview. "I’m really not that much of a fan, I totally respect and love it because it’s one of the only original forms of music that’s been introduced, but the white man doing rap is just like watching a white man dance. We can’t dance, we can’t rap.”

The interview was recorded on September 20th, 1991, four days before the release of Nirvana's smash album Nevermind by a then 21-year-old Roberto Lorusso for his college's radio station.

Looking back on the interview, Lorusso said of Cobain, "he was remarkably patient and kind considering how not well prepared I was." He later added, "As we spoke I got a vague sense that he wasn’t really enjoying their success. I couldn’t understand it. I was so enamoured with and envious of his talent and success I just couldn’t understand how he could have been so indifferent to it. A few years later it became very clear why. When I reflected on this experience, I realized that success doesn’t mean a goddamn thing if your world is falling apart. Depression is a cruel thief that bankrupts your life with one fleeting moment of joy at a time."

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