Korn Tribute Drummer Suffers Stroke Onstage and Still Finishes Song

July 1, 2019

Performing onstage for the entertainment of thousands takes nerves of steel and lots of will power. And then there is 28-year-old Alex Headen, drummer of the Korn tribute band, Korn Again.

Headen made headlines at Rockstock 2019 when be suffered a stroke onstage while performing "Helmet in the Bush", losing feeling on the left side of his body and going blind in his left eye. Yet somehow, he still managed to complete playing the song before receiving medical attention.

Headen told the Manchester Evening News that he didn't realize he was having a stroke, and assumed that he was just feeling dehydrated or had low blood sugar. After losing feeling in his left arm and dropping his drumstick, Headen finished the rest of the song using only his right arm. By the time they finished playing, Headen collapsed after he began losing his vision.

Headen said that he continued to play because he didn't want to let his bandmates or the audience down.

Doctors say that Headen is making progress in his recovery, and Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch even gave him props on his instagram, offering him Korn free tickets.

Wow this guy is --

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