Gene Simmons Admitted Into Hospital For Kidney Stone Procedure

October 1, 2019

Gene Simmons had to take a brief break from KISS's End of the Road tour to take care of a health-related issue.

On September 13th, the bassist/vocalist posted on his Twitter account, "Apologies to the fans in Salt Lake City. We will come back and do the show at a later date. The truth is, I have to fly to LA to do a medical procedure. Nothing serious. But it must be taken care of now." According to a report by TMZ, Simmons had to undergo a non-invasive, one hour procedure for kidney stones.

A source tells TMZ that Simmons received a stent, which is a medical device that will allow him to pee the stones out. 

The stent will be removed after a week and Simmons will be back to normal.

If you remember back in 2009, Simmons sold one of his kidney stones at $15,000 for charity. Which means there could be a charitable organization that might benefit from Simmons once his stones pass.