Kid Band Covers Slipknot's "Devil In I" with 8-Year-Old Singer

July 25, 2019

It's always a lot of fun to see kids live out their rock star dreams. Thanks to the O'Keefe Music Foundation a group of kids aged between 5 and 18-years-old were able to reproduce a viral cover of Slipknot's "Devil In I."

In the video below, the group of kids bring out their inner rebels after a father demands "absolutely no Slipknot" in their set. As soon as he leaves, all bets are off. And in case you were wondering, the lead singer in this all-kid band is Taylor Campbell of Ohio and she's only 8-years-old! 

According to the O'Keefe Music Foundation's website, their mission is to "enable children from around the world to record and film their musical performances for free." That includes allowing kids to perform and network with other young musicians, use professional equipment, learn music production, share their music at a global scale, create their own vinyl records, and of course creating an unforgettable rockstar experience.