Judas Priest Considering New Replacement Guitarist For Glenn Tipton

August 22, 2018

Before Judas Priest kicked off their Firepower tour, they made the startling annoucement that longtime guitarist Glenn Tipton had stepped down from touring due to being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Filling in for him during their tour would be Firepower's producer Andy Sneap. Now there's a chance that the band will be bringing in someone else to take over for Tipton after their Firepower tour wraps up.

While appearing on the "Rock Talk with Mitch LaFon" podcast, vocalist Rob Halford revealed that as grateful as they are to Sneap for stepping in to take on Glenn's guitar duties, they have someone else ready to take over once their tour finishes into 2019. 

"Where we go from that, we can't even look and see," says Halford. "We're just very happy to have Andy with us. Glenn's happy to have Andy doing his parts on stage for him. Andy's carved out his own little kind of way of expressing himself, he plays the songs really well, and the fans have accepted him for doing something very generous. So it's a feel-good story, definitely."