Jonathan Davis Says "The Nothing" May Be Korn's Darkest Album Ever

July 10, 2019

With 2019 expecting new albums from some of the heaviest hitters of rock and metal like Tool and Slipknot, Korn's The Nothing will be joining the pack on September 13th.

Following up to their 2016 album, The Serenity of SufferingThe Nothing marks Korn's 13th studio album in the 25+ year career. In an interview with Kerrang! frontman Jonathan Davis emphasizes that Korn albums typically contain a level of doom and gloom. But following the death of Davis' 39-year-old wife, Deven, The Nothing may go down as the darkest album the band has ever recorded.

From the lyrical content to the album's artwork of a humanoid suspended by cables, The Nothing is dark and uncomfortable on purpose, touching down on feelings of immesurable loss and anger that everyone experiences sooner or later.

Among the songs included on the album, Davis explained how an unfortinate incident at Paramount Studios lead their song  "Raped at Paramount" to be renamed as "Finally Free."

According to Davis, some employees working the overnight shift damaged one of Brian "Head" Welch's guitars and fiddled with their gear. Davis says he would have personally ripped the employee responsible, verbally. But chose to let his bandmates handle it instead. The reason behind this decision may be part of Davis' grieving process, especially since "Finally Free" was more about the loss of his wife.