Joe Satriani Discusses Teaching Kirk Hammett & Steve Vai How To Shred

February 22, 2019

Although he would probably never admit it, Joe Satriani is arguably one of the greatest guitar players in all of rock. He is held with such high regard by other musicians, especially since he is responsible for teaching guitarists like Kirk Hammett, Steve Vai, Charie Hunter and Alex Skolnick.

Hammett himself will say that Satriani wasn't the kind of teacher to hold your hand through the process of becoming a great guitarist, but the amount of work he had Hammett do has paid off in the long run.

While speaking at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, Satriani sat down to describe what it was like being completely dedicated to his music, as well as what it was like teaching some of the greatest lead guitarists of all time how to shred. "Kirk's mother is coming in, dropping him off," says Satriani. "These people are real lives going on. They just happen to be on the cusp of this new movement."

"All of the students that have names that you recognize were so dedicated to becoming great."

Listen to Satriani's full interview below: