That Time Joe Manganiello Snuck Metallica During His Wedding to Sofia Vergara

August 30, 2019

Just because Joe Manganiello (Justice League, Magic Mike, True Blood) is a Hollywood hearthrob doesn't mean that he won't wear his love for rock and metal on his sleeve.

In an interview on The Dan Patrick Show, Manganiello revealed that during his wedding to Sofia Vergara, he cleverly snuck some Metallica into the ceremony. "I had heard of a string version of 'Nothing Else Matters' and it's beautiful," says Manganiello. "So I hired these violin players and cellist and I said, 'Could you convert this to violin/cello and play that when I walk down the aisle?' and they were like, 'Yeah, of course.'"

But the best surprise of including Metallica into his ceremony were the reactions from the crowd. "We were walking down the aisle and my mom turns to me and says, 'My gosh, this is beautiful.' and I said, 'It's Metallica.' And my buddy Patrick from college is giving me the metal horns as I'm walking down the aisle."