Joan Jett Calls For More Women In Rock with Lars Ulrich on 'It's Electric!'

January 4, 2019

Joan Jett has been a powerful female voice in the rock world since her early days in The Runaways, and she continues to stand behind her belief that women can rock just as hard as the guys. "Women can play rock and roll, and women can have success doing it," says Jett in a recent interview with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich on his podcast "It's Electric!"

When speaking about women's presence in glam rock, "Girls can master the guitar. They can play rock and roll," Jett says. "What you're saying is society doesn't allow women to access their sexuality in relation to music. They have to be a certain 'stayed' thing. And that's it. And once they do that they're whores, they're sluts, they're dykes."

Jett also touches down on playing with the surviving members of Nirvana during their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, her own induction a year later, and what it was like watching her life be screened in movie theaters in her 2018 documentary Bad Reputation