Rival Sons Talk About The Resurgence of Rock and Why Real Music Should Never Sound Perfect

April 25, 2019

As we enter a new decade, audiences have become more and more hungry for real, raw, and authentic music, and it's no mistake that there has been a resurgence of rock as a result of that. Both Jay Buchanan and Scott Holiday of Rival Sons agree that rock music has prided itself on being real and imperfect, and that authenticity is seen during a live show. However, there are some artists out there that play to a pre-recorded track, which takes away from the realness of the performance.

"It's very much like seeing a DJ because in that way, a lot of stuff was on tape," says Scott. "That's a problem with music in a way when you got people up there playing instruments and it's all on tape. That's weird."

"It's insulting because it's supposed to be sacred. It's supposed to be real," adds Jay. "And when you see someone really just acting instead of making music, or really expressing themselves, they're acting like they're expressing themselves and that's an even greater crime." 

"Music is supposed to have flaws in it. That's what makes it human."

Be sure to listen to Mistress Carrie's full interview with Jay and Scott in the podcast below: