Jared Leto Chops Off His Beard For Upcoming 'Morbius' Film

November 16, 2018

For the last couple of years actor/30 Seconds to Mars frontman/walking lady-boner Jared Leto has been sporting an impressive messiah-esque beard. But to prepare for his leading role in the upcoming Marvel superhero flick, Morbius.

As upsetting as it is for Leto to chop off his beloved beard, it doesn't mean that he's not allowed to have fun while doing it. Before going full clean-shaven, Leto tests how he looks with a classic goatee before trying on the dashing Jack Sparrow moustache. Watch Leto cut himself down to size below:

According to the comics, "Morbius, the Living Vampire" is a vampiric anti-hero who acquires his abilities due to a failed biochemical experiment meant to cure a rare blood disorder. Aside from superhuman strength and an accellerated healing factor, Morbius, like any true vampire, is dependent of consuming human blood.