Steve-O Went Backstage With Mötley Crüe After Hounding Them When He Was 13

July 17, 2018

Jackass star/stuntman/comedian Steve-O has been known for having some serious cojones for the wild stunts he has pulled over the years. But while appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience, he recalls a tale of when he managed to get himself backstage passes to Mötley Crüe entirely on his own at 13-years-old.

While living in Toronto, Canada, 13-year-old Steve-O was a huge Mötley Crüe fan. So his father, the president of Nabisco Canada said he could get them passes to the Nabisco Skybox at the Maple Leaf Gardens where the band would be playing at. Unsatisfied, Steve-O said to his father, "Dad, seeing Mötley Crüe through a plate glass window sucks!" After his father challenged him to try and get better seats to the concert, that's exactly what Steve-O did!

So the day before the concert, the young Steve-O spent 2-3 hours calling up every hotel in Toronto asking to be connected to the room under the band's manager, Doc McGee. Then after hours of unsuccessful calls, things start leaning in Steve-O's favor. "They put me through to this room - the guy picks up the phone and I say 'Hello, is that Doc McGee?' He's like, 'No this is his brother, Scott.' and I'm like 'As in Mötley Crüe?' and he says, 'How did you get this number?' and I told him I just called every f**kin' hotel in the yellow pages!"

Impressed by his initiative, McGee put Steve-O and his father on the list for backstage passes and tickets to the fifth row!

Listen to Steve-O tell the full story below!