Iron Maiden's "Eddie The Head" Is Now A Playable Character In "Angry Birds: Evolution"

October 16, 2017

This Halloween, those greedy little piggies have a brand new reason not to mess with the Angry Birds!

Rovio, the game developer responsible for the insanely successful mobile game "Angry Birds" has released the trailer for their newest project, "Angry Birds: Evolution." As many of the Rovio developers are avid fans of Iron Maiden, they chose to pay tribute to the heavy metal gods by including their famous mascot "Eddie the Head" as a playable character in the game! "Our team is filled with massive Iron Maiden fans and Eddie was both our first choice & a natural fit in Angry Birds Evolution," said VP Games and Product Lead Miika Tams. "It's about time his statues as a true worldwide rock icon was celebrated and we know that fans will love seeing Eddie the Bird raise hell on Bird Island!"

Just in time for Halloween, "Eddie the Bird" will be available as a playable character, and will also come in multiple skins stemming from Eddie's appearances from Iron Maiden albums like Killers, Powerslave, Somewhere in Time and The Book of Souls.

media assetts courtesy of Rovio