Imagine Dragons' Vocalist Criticizes Current Rockstars and Rockstardom

August 2, 2018

As kids we often dreamed about becoming world-famous rockstars. But according to Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds, it's not all that glamorous or impressive.

Reynolds posted to his Twitter account, "I much prefer being called a pop star to rock star," because, "I want to change popular culture and create music that brings light to the masses." 

Even though they have been dominating the rock charts, Reynolds doesn't see himself fit the textbook definition of a "rockstar," nor is he a fan of it. "I’m not looking to impress you with how little I care. Or how drugged I am. How many women I can sleep with. Not interested."

Reynolds says that he defines rock and roll attitude to "be you unabashedly, fight for what you believe in. protest wrongs." However he believes that many of today's rockstars use their platforms for "selfishness and self-worship."

A fan responded to Reynolds' criticism of rock artists being selfish by saying "I see a lot of both in today's music honestly. Depends on the artist." To which he responded, "This is true. Ok for now on I only want to be called 'that one white guy that was wrong for awhile about a lot of things and now is trying to make change who screams a lot in his music and likes to write big choruses and run on sentences.'"