Highly Suspect Drops Two New Songs Ahead of Upcoming Album 'MCID'

August 19, 2019

After nearly three years since the release of their sophomore album The Boy Who Died Wolf, Cape Cod rockers Highly Suspect treat fans with a double sneak-peek at their upcoming album MCID by releasing two angst-filled tracks "16" and "Upperdrugs."

"16" first deals with a heartbreaking love story of vocalist Johnny Stevens lamenting the downward spiral of a former relationship after discovering that child he was expecting had a different father.

The second song featured on MCID is "Upperdrugs", which tells the tale of Stevens' desire to escape the pressures and anxieties of reality through grungy riffs and solos. Give "Upperdrugs" a listen.

MCID will be available on November 1st, 2019, and pre-order is currently available here.