Guitarist Shreds on Street Corner For Being "Too Young" to Play at Venue

August 23, 2019

Photo by Getty Images


Bands run into all sorts of obstacles when trying to play a gig. Sometimes the van breaks down. Other times a bandmate runs late or bails on a show. But in the case of Oregon deathcore band Ancient Burials, one of its members was too young to play the venue.

The band was scheduled to play Portland's Hawthorne Theatre with Paradigm Shift. But because of the venue's policy that requires performers and patrons to be at least 21-years-old, one of Ancient Burials's members could not play inside.

But that doesn't mean that he couldn't play the gig at all. Thanks to the guys from Paradigm Shift, they were able to hook up the guitarist with some wireless gear that allowed him to perform on the street corner by the window where the rest of his bandmates were playing. 

"So our homeboy in Ancient Burials was a bit too young to play inside, so we hooked him up with some wireless gear,"

The show went on as scheduled. Check out the guitarist in action below!