Greta Van Fleet Seeks To Make Rock The Genre Of A New Generation

April 27, 2018

With mainstream music of the early 2000's consisting mostly of pop and alternative, only a handfull of legitimately good rock songs have snuck through the cracks and made it into the spotlight. But now that Greta Van Fleet, a rock foursome made of three brothers and their best friend, have reinvigorated the sounds of the seventies into the ears of a new generation. 

While speaking with Rolling Stone, shared their thoughts on bringing rock music back into the fold of mainstream radio. "The scary thing about listening to pop radio is sometimes you don't know if you're listening to the same damn artist or if it's different, you know," says vocalist Josh Kiszka.

"I think the evolution of rock n' roll was cut off at some point," adds guitarist Jake Kiszka. "So it's like going back and to where it was, and then evolving it forward again."

Check out their full interview below.