Greta Van Fleet Discuss Their Rise To Fame & Plans For New Album

July 15, 2019

Detroit rockers Greta Van Fleet have confirmed that they will be working on a new album, following their 2018 album Anthem of the Peaceful Army.

While speaking with NME at the Mad Cool festival in Madrid, Spain, guitarist Jake Kiszka and bassist Sam Kiszka shared their thoughts on how they will approach the next phase of their band's evolution. "We're working on something quite different, I suppose," says Jake. "It's interesting, 'cause we never know exactly what an album's gonna look like; it can only be so premeditated. But as it sort of unfolds now, it's an example of where we are musically right now. So it's definitely much different than 'Anthem Of The Peaceful Army' would have been." 

"I think as far as the entire intent goes, I think it's just incorporating more sounds, more tones, more styles of music, perhaps, and kind of taking a step in the cinematic direction," adds Sam.

Jake continues, "I suppose another question on this album as well was, like, 'What hasn't been done and how many rules can we break?' 'Cause that's when you really start creating something unique."

Jake and Sam also discussed how their sudden rise to fame wasn't quite as overnight as many might think. Having formed in 2012, the brothers have been actively playing music since their early teens. "I think it's sort of a minsconception that this happened, sort of, meteoric," says Jake. "We've been a group, I suppose, as Greta Van Fleet probably now in this arrangement for about seven years. And prior to that we've been playing on our own, and I've been playing guitar since I was three. So it's almost been a decade to this point as being a band to this destination where we're currently at."

"We kind of broke our bones there for about four or five years before we kinda started getting noticed, and kind of spearheading our way into what is actually the music industry," adds Sam.