Godsmack Delivers Fan Tribute In "Under Your Scars" Video

July 19, 2019

Even the biggest bands in the world are nothing without their fans, and Godsmack wanted to return the tremendous amount of love and appreciation they have received from fansbase in their official video for "Under Your Scars."

On top of the video, the band has announced their Scars Foundation, which seeks to treat mental health when dealing with thoughts of suicide, bullying, addiction, and substance abuse.

"The Scars Foundation is dedicated to raising monies to help like-minded organizations fulfill their missions to educate and save lives," says frontman Sully Erna. "Scars will work tirelessly to help bring a change to the perspective relating to mental health, and the many issues that cause such profound pain.  The focus is not on one single issue, but to serve the broad spectrum of mental health and awareness of the struggle, faced by millions of people in the world today."

Click here to find out more about the Scars Foundation.