Freddie Mercury Is A Rock n' Roll Badass In His Famous "Musical Prostitute" Interview

October 25, 2018

In what probably is his most famous interview, Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury sits down with German journalist Rudi Dolezal at Musicland Studios in Munich shortly before the band were about to release their 1984 album, The Works.

The archived footage shows Freddie Mercury at his finest: eloquent and charming, yet also blunt with a don't-give-a-f**k attitude while drinking and smoking throughout the interview. He makes it blatantly clear that he's not too thrilled about doing interviews with the press. But if he's going to do them, he's going to have his fun. After being asked if he likes his job, the first words out of Freddie's mouth are, "I love my job but I don't like talking to people like you."

He casually talks about his solo album Mr. Bad Guy, how he and his bandmates' strong personalities are the glue keep Queen together, life on the road, and his outlook on life. "The most important thing to me is to be happy, to be honest. To have fun," says Mercury. "Because if I'm happy then it shows in my work. So basically I just want to be happy and make a lot of money and buy a lot of things. Especially in Vienna!"

Mercury later discusses the unreleased tracks he recorded with Michael Jackson, and how he sometimes relishes in spontanaity like "Under Pressure", which he recorded with David Bowie. "It wasn't planned. If it is planned, then it's boring. And we were just going in there fooling around to see what happens. Suddenly this song started taking shape and we said, 'Oh, let's work on it a bit.' And the end result is 'Under Pressure.'"

When asked if he were to describe himself as a spontaneous or an organized artist, Mercury amicably responds with, "No, I'm just a musical prostitute, my dear!"