Four Times Darryl McDaniels Was Awesome At WAAF

May 31, 2018

Whenever Darryl McDaniels shows up here at WAAF, we can't help but have these big Cheshire Cat smiles on our faces. He's a hip-hop icon, friend of every rocker, comic book aficionado, purveyor of truth and wisdom, and he simply gives off this real positive energy that is contagious.

Because today (May 31st) is his birthday, we wanted to celebrate Darryl by sharing some of our favorite moments with the King of Rock!

1. That time he described his very real struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide, and why the stigma surrounding mental health should be removed from conversations.

2. That time he and Mistress Carrie surprised RUN DMC fanboy Mike Holley!

3. That time he co-hosted Mistress Carrie's entire show!

4. That time he was the very first guest on Mistress Carrie's Side Piece Podcast!