Steven Adler Hospitalized After Self-Inflicted Stab Wound

June 28, 2019

UPDATE: A representative for Steven Adler told TMZ that the stab wound was not the result of a suicide attempt, but an accident. 

The rep would not go into detail as to how the accident happened, other than describing it as a "very minor, superficial wound" and that he still intends on performing at his gig in Las Vegas on July 12th.

As far as allegations go for possible substance abuse, Adler's rep insists that he has maintained his sobriety for years. 


According to a report by TMZ, former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler was transported to the hospital after stabbing himself at home.

Law enforcement says that the received a call from Adler's home in Los Angeles after 6:30pm on June 27th saying that someone at the residence had a self-inflicted stab wound. When police officers arrived on scene, they found Adler with a wounded stomach.

According to TMZ sources, Adler has been treated for non-life threatening injuries, and that there is no one else involved.