Dave Grohl Uses Music To Unite People Instead of Divide Them

September 24, 2018

In today's society where citizens are more polarized than they've ever been, there is still a glimmer of hope where we put our differences aside for one mutual goal... to absolutely rock our faces off!

While speaking with Jeffery Brown of the PBS NewsHour, Dave explains that despite everyone's social and political differences, music is one of the few forms where none of those things matter except having a good time. "You know the great thing about my job is that when I go out on stang I get to bring all of these people together for three hours," says Grohl. "They might come from different backgrounds, different religions, different sides of the aisle, what ever it is. But I can go out and sing a song like 'My Hero' or "Everlong" or 'Best Of You.' Everyone will sing along and they're singing together. They might be singing it for different reasons, but they're all singing it together."

Grohl admits that even though he'll have his own political opinions, but he's not going to force-feed them through his music and refuse a listener's right to interpret it in their own way. "Leaving it up to other people's interpretation is important," adds Grohl. "For the next three hours, my intention is to go out and have everybody forget about all of that, come together and sing our songs with us and music can do that."

In the full interview, which can be viewed below (45:40 mark), Grohl touches down on how being in complete control of his band's direction is how they've been able to stay together for so long, appreciating life every day since Kurt Cobain's death, and balancing being a rock star and a family man.

Grohl also touches down on how their concept for their video for "Run" is the antithesis of the iconic "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video. "You've got all of these principals and teachers trying to keep the kids in line, but in the nursing home, you've got these people, these elderlies overtaking the guards, and it's kind of the opposite!"